When it’s time to repaint the interior of your facility or give your new build its first coat of fresh paint, choosing the right paint brand and color can seem daunting. With so many options on the market, Omni Facility Maintenance Services is your trusted facility maintenance partner. We can help you navigate all your available options; this means helping you decide what colors would be best for the mood you want to create and which paint brand will be best to keep you in budget.

There are several benefits to choosing the right paint for your facility, including controlling how those inside feel, creating a proper brand image, and increasing indoor air quality.

The Psychology of Color

While it may not seem like much, the color you choose to paint inside your facility will have a dramatic effect on those who work, live, and shop inside. This is due to how the mind perceives certain colors. Therefore, you won’t want to paint the inside of your yoga studio with warm colors like yellows, reds, and oranges. Conversely, you wouldn’t want to paint the inside of your CrossFit gym with cool colors like blues, purples, and pinks. Matching your facility’s interior paint color to the experience you want those inside to have is imperative.

If you have a tenant space, you will want to choose something neutral and non-controversial. These spaces will lean towards the lighter end of spectrum, perhaps with a cool-toned or warm-toned white or cream. Leaning cool-toned will provide a calmer feel while leaning warm-toned will provide more energy. If you are painting an office space, you will want to consider the type of work that will be done inside. Green is an excellent color to boost productivity and provide a calm environment, while blue is known to increase concentration. As a general rule, warmer colors provide energy and motivation, but should be used sparingly the more saturated they get (reds) because more saturation and surface area covered can lead to hunger and aggression. Cooler colors generally provide a calm and mellow space.

Solidify Brand Image

Choosing the right paint for your facility is imperative to upholding your company’s brand. How you paint and the colors you choose should align with your brand, which means you need to think ahead to how you want people to feel about your brand and choose colors that will create that feeling within them. If your brand is forward thinking and energetic, you might decide on a few different paint colors, perhaps even having a mural painted on one wall. If your brand is down to earth and mellow, you might decide to do a minimal paint job and supplement the design with plants or art. Painting the inside of your facility gives you the ability to create an experience for anyone who enters, so be mindful to create an appropriate experience that aligns with your brand.

Increase Indoor Air Quality

Painting may seem like a minor task, but did you know there is paint on the market that can actually make the interior of your building healthier? If it’s in your budget, Activa Coating is the top photocatalytic paint for facilities. This paint should be strongly considered because of the many benefits the photocatalytic process provides. Photocatalysis is the process by which natural or artificial light hits the painted surface where it immediately begins “cleaning.” Activa Coating helps to clean not only the surface on which it is painted of dirt and grime buildup, but it also helps clean the air that passes by it. This process removes harmful contaminants and compounds by decomposing them through oxidation. Therefore, by painting the interior of your facility with Activa Coating, you can help keep the air and surfaces cleaner for those inside. This can reduce sick building syndrome, the spread of illnesses, and make the air cleaner for those that are high risk to pollution (allergies, asthma, children, and the elderly).

Choosing the right paint for your facility can take time and patience as you create an experience for those inside. Your trusted facility maintenance partner, Omni Facility Maintenance Services is available to discuss paint options and colors that will fit within your budget and timeframe. If you are interested in protecting your facility with Activa Coating, contact us today! We are your go-to partner for anything facility maintenance.

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