Do you understand the importance of receiving regular commercial property inspections? These inspections are meant to help your people and property remain safe, as well as saving you money and helping you plan. Omni Facility Maintenance Services has served the Chicagoland area for over 30 years, providing an extensive list of commercial services including property inspections. We thoroughly check your building’s roof, plumbing, foundation, structure, ventilation, siding, exit signs, windows, and more to ensure everything remains safe and stable to prevent future costs associated with break-fix work or lawsuits.

Keep People and Property Safe

When you own a building, keeping the property safe so the people inside remain protected is imperative to responsible ownership. Setting up regular commercial property inspections will keep your building up to date with all local and state codes. Should anything happen on your property due to a code violation, hazardous area, or anything that can be construed as the building’s fault, a lawsuit may become a reality. Investing in property inspections now is a small expense compared to those a lawsuit due to injury can cause. Plus, keeping up with your property now can prevent high maintenance costs in the future.

Prevent High Maintenance Costs

Scheduling a commercial property inspection allows you to review data about the health of your building from professionals. This allows you to make informed decisions about pieces of your property that need to be fixed or replaced now which can save money down the road. For example, if there is an issue with plumbing, fixing it sooner rather than when a pipe leaks and causes a flood inside the building is much safer, faster, and will save money. One of the best things about partnering with Omni Facility Maintenance is that we provide proactive facility maintenance to help our clients save money. We are also open 24/7/365 should any emergencies occur at your location.

Plan for Expansion or Renovation

Making mindful decisions about your property doesn’t solely mean scheduling work when it’s needed before it breaks; it also means knowing when to plan for expansion or renovation. When business owners feel they can make informed decisions about their property, they tend to make sound decisions due to the stress and anxiety of the unknown being reduced. Commercial property inspections help those who are untrained in facility maintenance understand what is needed to keep their business stay healthy for the longer term.

Before someone gets hurt or something on your property breaks, schedule your commercial property inspection with Omni Facility Maintenance Services. We will save you time, money, and the emotional toll of dealing with a catastrophe by ensuring everything is in working order. Our team has been working in the Chicagoland area for over 30 years, offering 24/7/365 facility maintenance care to all who need immediate assistance. But don’t let it get to that point! Schedule your commercial property inspection today to stay ahead.

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