In facility management it’s unavoidable, things can and will go wrong. However, as a facility manager, steps can be taken to promote safety and reduce reactionary maintenance by taking preventative measures. Being proactive towards fixes and your equipment is the first step to saving money and keeping everyone safe.

Reactive Maintenance

First, let’s define reactive maintenance, it focuses on diagnosing and fixing a problem once something has already broken down or malfunctioned. A maintenance technician identifies the issues that have occurred and takes steps to restore the equipment to operational condition. A common misconception is that reactive maintenance is a bad thing truth is, it’s nearly impossible to predict and prevent all malfunctions in your facility. Most facilities have an extremely healthy balance between reactive maintenance and preventative maintenance. The key is, to keep reactive maintenance to as much of a minimum as possible.

Preventive Maintenance

How do you keep reactive maintenance to a minimum? It’s a lot easier than you think, preventive maintenance has an emphasis on regular scheduled maintenance tasks. The goal is to give your equipment and assets the care it requires before malfunctioning and not after. This will actively minimize the chance of failure, costly repairs, and unexpected downtime. Neither occupants or facility managers enjoy dealing with a broken air conditioner or a leaky pipe but, having a regular routine checklist can minimize the chance of running into these issues.

Why Preventive Maintenance is Important

Reactive maintenance can be expensive and facility managers can face a hefty cost when things breakdown unexpectedly, including the cost to diagnose the issue, replace parts, and fix the problem. Preventive maintenance can dramatically reduce the chance of these risks. Preventive maintenance also, reduces the risk to injuries. Keeping employees and customers safe by conducting reoccurring inspections on dangerous machinery. Even do the same for things you would least expect to like, security cameras, locks on doors, fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs and anything else that can safeguard people from danger. All facilities can face risk and when left unchecked can put your facility and those who occupy it at risk. Preventive maintenance keeps you, your employees, and facility safe.

Implementing Routine Checks

It’s important for facility managers to implement routine checks and planned maintenance to avoid costly fix. This does not need be an added task to never ending to-do list, at Omni Facility Maintenance you can contact us for a property inspection to make your job that much easier. Many facility managers like the idea of preventative maintenance but get frustrated not knowing where to start. We provide preventative maintenance services for all areas of your facility because we know how important it is.

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