Cleaning the exterior of your property is just as important as keeping in the interior sparkling clean. With spring and winter behind us, those months can be tough on the exterior of your facility but with summer finally here it’s time to brighten up your facility exterior and have it looking its best.

Pressure washing is an effective way to maintain the appearance of your commercial property’s exterior and when done frequently can maintain curb appeal, prevent costly repairs, and attract business to your property.

What is Pressure Washing?

You might be wondering what exactly is pressure washing?  It’s the use of high-pressure water and very hot water to remove dirt or debris from your outdoor surfaces. The heated water combined with the high flow of water; it effectively breaks up grime that can build up in various areas of the exterior of your facility. Depending on surface being cleaned, this changes the pressure intensity and water temperatures used. At Omni Facility Maintenance Services our pressure washer can disinfect your buildings, sidewalks, parking lots and more. Visit our website and view our services then contact us!

Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Exterior

One of the main reasons pressure washing your facility is important, is to remove the dirt build-up that can be unpleasant for your building’s exterior and can possibly compromise your structure if untouched for long periods of time. Another reason you should pressure wash, is with various seasons and weather conditions this can contribute to the grime and dirt. Pressure washing is also great to add to your preventative maintenance list as dirt that is left untouched for long periods of time can be more difficult to remove and can lead to mold or mildew problems to avoid the expenses of removing mold use summer to pressure wash your facility!

Pressure washing also improves your curb appeal. First impression are super important for new/potential clients or customers. It is always more appealing to walk into a sparkling clean building to spend time in whether that be as a customer or client. Maintaining a clean building also improves your facilities value. With summer here it’s time to brighten up your facilities exterior as the summer months are the ideal time to get a pressure wash.

Why Summer is Perfect to Pressure Wash

It’s time to take advantage of summer and call us your commercial handyman and pressure wash your facility. Why is summer the perfect time? For starters, the weather with the sun rising earlier and setting later the extra time in the day and more sun make it easier to accomplish this project. Summer is also a bit dryer than spring and there isn’t a big concern for rain that can stop or stall the project.

Another reason summer is the ideal time to pressure wash is, with the abundant sun and less intense rain your freshly power washed facility will stay cleaner longer! This helps you get more out of your investment and enjoy a sparkling clean exterior for longer.

Beat The Mold and Mildew

Summer can bring a major rise in temperature and following spring with abundant rainfall you may find mold and mildew beginning to grow in areas all over your facility. The combination of leftover moisture and heat are the best conditions for mold and mildew to grow but with a high-quality pressure wash the potentially damaging growths on the exterior of your facility will no longer be a concern.

 Should You Hire a Professional?

After giving you the facts the next question you might have is, should I hire a professional? The simple answer is yes. Hire a local professional team to get the job done (yes, we mean us!). Pressure washing requires time and care to ensure that all the various surfaces are being cleaned properly. Not all surfaces are cared for the same way and our team knows exactly what to do. With our team you always in good hands and we guarantee that your property will be properly cleaned and sanitized and not damaged.

Call us today! And ask us about our pressure washing services.

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