Preparing Your Facility for Spring

Today marks the first day of spring. The good news is we can look forward to warmer weather, longer days, and sunshine. While it may not be top of mind, have you considered the maintenance your building might need now that winter is over? It’s time to shake off winter and plan your strategy for spring.

We know just how busy the spring months can get; it may be best to call your local professionals (that’s us!) to conduct a property inspection so you don’t have to think twice about spring maintenance. If you want to be more hands on here are just a few things, you can do to be prepared for spring.

Conduct Your Own Facility Check

Conducting a check of your facility isn’t a task that should be limited to spring. In fact, you should try to do a facility check with each passing season to stay on top of everything going on in your facility. Facility checks give you time to think ahead and anticipate potential problems before they get out of hand.

The best way to conduct a facility check is to create a master check list and prioritize needs according to weather. Give special attention to areas that have been hit hardest by winter, such as, checking pipes for leaks caused by melting ice or checking on equipment that has been left outside.

Check Equipment

The next thing you should set your sights on is checking in on your equipment that has not been used during the winter months. Is it still in good and safe working order? If not or if you’re unsure, take the time to make any needed repairs to ensure your equipment is up and running this spring. Now is also the time to order equipment and confirm you have parts on hand such as air filters. This will help prevent minor issues from becoming larger ones, which can be far more expensive to repair.

Equipment and technology have progressed a lot over the past few years, but it is still imperative to plan routine checks on all equipment including regular inspections, cleanings, and part replacements. For more on maintaining your technology and equipment read our blog, Facility Maintenance in 2023. 

Tackle Small Repairs

While conducting your facility check, make note of small things and minor damage. Caulking is a very overlooked strategy. It is a great money saving tactic to keep your building happy and healthy this spring. Caulking does a great job in preventing pests during warm weather such as bees, ants, and beetles. This can also improve your facility’s general appearance.

While minor damage may not seem important, it should still be added to the list of tasks you have while preparing your building for spring. Your customers, tenants, and employees will notice the difference, even in the small things.

Identify Cost Saving Maintenance

As a facility manager, saving money on maintenance is probably top of mind. Another easy and cost-effective way to save money in preparation for spring can be carpet cleaning. As the winter months end and spring arrives, although the weather can still be unpredictable with uncertain rainy weather, but an easy way to keep your high traffic areas presentable is having your carpets cleaned. Replacing flooring can be expensive and is not always the necessary course of action. But protecting your investment, with thorough cleaning, is a smart and proactive approach.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare for spring as we have said goodbye to winter. If you can’t fit your facility maintenance into your schedule, we can help! Call our team and we can handle this entire list and more!

Reactive Vs. Preventive Maintenance

In facility management it’s unavoidable, things can and will go wrong. However, as a facility manager, steps can be taken to promote safety and reduce reactionary maintenance by taking preventative measures. Being proactive towards fixes and your equipment is the first step to saving money and keeping everyone safe.

Reactive Maintenance

First, let’s define reactive maintenance, it focuses on diagnosing and fixing a problem once something has already broken down or malfunctioned. A maintenance technician identifies the issues that have occurred and takes steps to restore the equipment to operational condition. A common misconception is that reactive maintenance is a bad thing truth is, it’s nearly impossible to predict and prevent all malfunctions in your facility. Most facilities have an extremely healthy balance between reactive maintenance and preventative maintenance. The key is, to keep reactive maintenance to as much of a minimum as possible.

Preventive Maintenance

How do you keep reactive maintenance to a minimum? It’s a lot easier than you think, preventive maintenance has an emphasis on regular scheduled maintenance tasks. The goal is to give your equipment and assets the care it requires before malfunctioning and not after. This will actively minimize the chance of failure, costly repairs, and unexpected downtime. Neither occupants or facility managers enjoy dealing with a broken air conditioner or a leaky pipe but, having a regular routine checklist can minimize the chance of running into these issues.

Why Preventive Maintenance is Important

Reactive maintenance can be expensive and facility managers can face a hefty cost when things breakdown unexpectedly, including the cost to diagnose the issue, replace parts, and fix the problem. Preventive maintenance can dramatically reduce the chance of these risks. Preventive maintenance also, reduces the risk to injuries. Keeping employees and customers safe by conducting reoccurring inspections on dangerous machinery. Even do the same for things you would least expect to like, security cameras, locks on doors, fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs and anything else that can safeguard people from danger. All facilities can face risk and when left unchecked can put your facility and those who occupy it at risk. Preventive maintenance keeps you, your employees, and facility safe.

Implementing Routine Checks

It’s important for facility managers to implement routine checks and planned maintenance to avoid costly fix. This does not need be an added task to never ending to-do list, at Omni Facility Maintenance you can contact us for a property inspection to make your job that much easier. Many facility managers like the idea of preventative maintenance but get frustrated not knowing where to start. We provide preventative maintenance services for all areas of your facility because we know how important it is.

Facility Maintenance in 2023

A lot has changed over the past few years; workplace occupants and their customers now expect a higher standard of service, safety, comfort, health, and experience from their office spaces. It’s safe to say that the world is advancing with new technologies and advancing in ways we didn’t imagine. This means that the maintenance done to your facility also needs to make the same types of advancements.

Technology and Maintenance

Just like in all aspects of our lives the implantation of new technology in office spaces continue reshaping our workspaces and how they need to be taken care of. As technology expands so does the maintenance needed to keep everything running smoothly. We have seen great advances in technology and the impact those advancements have had on facility maintenance improvements, including cutting costs! The best way to prepare for the year is property inspections.  

Technology and The Evolution of Maintenance

While technology has improved office spaces broadly, it has done wonders for the field of facility maintenance and its reliability. Maintenance has undergone a huge transformation as a field of work. Before, reactive maintenance was used to response to something that had already broken. Now, preventative maintenance has come into play as the more cost-effective method. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, preventative maintenance has evolved allowing facility owners and managers to inspect the property and equipment in advance to make sure everything is running smooth.

Maintenance systems vary depending on the facility, but some common types that can be put in place include, periodic inspections, cleanings, and even part replacement if needed. We have seen and will continue to see these systems evolve as communication, internet, and processing technology grows.

Example of Useful Technological Advancement

Sensors are one example of technological advancement that can be placed to provide automatic monitoring on equipment so that regular maintenance can be scheduled timely which helps prevent imminent failure. Sensors can also help with ordering parts as needed before a major breakdown. Sensor data that is collected can also help reduce costs maintenance costs in your facility. Sensors are only one example, there are other types of technologies that help the user analyze data effectively such as mobile solutions.

Facility Maintenance for the Future

Technology has made our lives easier in many ways, especially when it comes to facility maintenance. At Omni Facility Maintenance we are dedicated to keeping our team knowledgeable and up to industry standard. With our experienced team and wide range of services we are ready to help you and your facility function at its best. Contact us today to get started!

Cold Weather Tips for Your Facility this Winter

It’s time to brace ourselves for extremely cold temperatures, snowfall, and ice. While winter can be dreadful, don’t let your facility bear the consequences. You can avoid many hazardous and inconvenient damages to your facility if you utilize the tips below.

Look for Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors

It may not be the first thing you think about but, check all your windows and door for any air leaks! First, do a visual inspection, look at all exterior corners do you see any gaps? During this inspection you also want to check for any cracks in corners of all doors and windows, if you can see daylight around a door or window frame that usually means you have air leaks. You can reseal these leaks by caulking them. You may also want to consider replacing any windows or doors with newer, high-performing options before the weather takes a turn.

Salting Around Your Facility for Snow and Ice Removal

Ice in extreme cold is not only possible but expected. Make sure your employees and customers can safely walk in and out of your facility by applying salt to sidewalks and near entryways. Make sure you apply the ice melt safely and correctly, using either a hand sifter or cup to distribute a thin and even layer of salt. Despite the common practice of heavily salting, you do not need a thick layer of salt to achieve your desired results. You will, however, also want to be sure to wear gloves while distributing the salt, especially if you decide to spread with your hands.

Also, it is important to be aware that not all ice melt salt is the same. Read packaging before applying, as some products may work better during certain temperatures than others. While an area may appear to be “fine” one moment, any condensation will freeze immediately in cold conditions, so make sure you use the correct product for different temperatures. And although salt may seem like a big mess to clean once winter is over, we are at your service to help with our power washing services! Protect your facility for the winter weather, and when spring arrives, we can wash away the memory of the cold.

Clean your Exterior of Snow

While this isn’t a fun task, it is a necessary one. Make sure to routinely remove snow from the exterior of your facility. Be sure that roof vents are kept clear and are not being covered with snow and ice because this will lead to improper ventilation and can lead to costly repairs if not regularly maintained.

It is also important to make sure that your roof properly drains water that gets collected from rainfall or melting snow and ice. Keeping your roof’s integrity during winter months is essential in your facility’s overall care. Removing snow from the roof with shovels and rakes into a deposit snow safe area on your property and cleaning ice and snow from gutters can aid in keeping your roof and exterior safe during winter.

For more tips and tricks read our blog Winterizing Your Facility, and contact us your facility handyman!

Winterizing Your Facility

Sooner rather than later it will be winter again, that means a few things. Temperatures are dropping, snowfall will be increasing along with ice and power outages will be on the rise. Winter is undoubtedly a dreadful time especially for facility managers as it comes with many challenges. You might be wondering how can snow and colder temperatures can impact your facility and its power systems?  Well, the snow and ice can cause building leaks that can seep into electrical conduits causing even further hazard. We want to help you winterize your facility and avoid any hazardous and inconvenient damages to your facility.

Facility Inspections

The winterization of your facility is a process and the first step ensures that your building is prepared for winter at all, property inspections. A commercial property inspection is meant not only to keep people safe but your building as well. Having a property inspection can reduce energy and costs. This task will also help determine which tasks need to be taken care of to properly winterize your facility to keep things running smoothly throughout the winter months. To properly begin the winterizing, process a property inspection is essential to begin the process.

It is even an option schedule your property inspection with Omni Facility Maintenance Services. We can help save you time, money, and the physical toll of dealing with conducting a property inspection on your own. 

Inspect Roofs and Clean Out Gutters

After property inspections have been made or scheduled with us, start from the outside. The outside of your facility is not only your first impression but will endure the weather conditions on the frontlines. Make sure to remove any debris that can be on the roof and clean gutters of any leaves or obstruction before any snowfall. Any build-up will prevent rainwater from draining properly, which could cause water damage when temperatures drop to below freezing. You also want to inspect your roof for any signs of damage, this is essential in making sure your property is ready for winter. Check for missing shingles, lose or any other problems that could lead to leaks in your building. You should replace or patch any visible damage before winter arrives.

Clean and Change HVAC Filters

This step ensures air circulation in your space is clean and free from contaminants like dust. HVAC filters should be a regular preventative maintenance task preformed 2-4 times a year, ensuring your HVAC system ready to endure winter conditions. Not only should filters be changed but an inspection for any broken or damaged parts that cause your HVAC system to be replaced before winter.

Comfort for Employees and Customers

Lastly, the best practice to winterize your facility is to be prepared! Our Fall Preventative Maintenance Checklist is also a good place to start in being prepared and keeping your facility ready for all occupants and making them comfortable. Maintaining comfortable indoor air quality during cold weather is also necessary. Make sure your heating and cooling system are in good condition before the start of winter. Everyone including your property can be ready for winter!

Our Checklist for Fall Preventative Maintenance on your Facility

The leaves are changing colors and, that cool fall breeze is upon us. This means, it is time to review your facility needs for Fall. A few steps in preventative maintenance for your facility’s indoor and outdoor needs can save you in big money when warmer weather returns.

Follow our checklist for indoor and outdoor preventative maintenance care and keep your property running at its best and looking great too.

Indoor Checklist

There is more to the interior of your property than simply it’s design; keeping up with building maintenance is also an important consideration for any property owner. Every facility is unique but here are 3 basic preventative steps that you can add to your indoor maintenance checklist.

  1. Cleaning your carpets

First start inside your facility, and it’s easier than you think. Cleaning your carpets can be number one on the list. Replacing flooring is expensive so protect your investment by cleaning your flooring regularly. In addition to keeping your investment safe, this act also ensures that they look great and can help reduce the amount of damage caused as a result of constant foot traffic. The benefits to carpet cleaning expand beyond cost and appeal; regular carpet cleaning reduces and removes allergens that can hide within your carpet fibers.

  1. Electrical and Energy Utilization

Energy use varies with seasons, in colder months energy usage starts increasing. Review energy consumption reports in your facility. Changing your lighting may not seem like much in terms of conserving energy however, checking light bulbs, and inspecting wiring for any signs of damage or corrosion can save you in the long run. Consider swapping the light bulbs in your facility out with LED lighting. LED lighting may seem more expensive than standard lighting, but in the long run it is more cost efficient as LED bulbs are longer lasting than CFL bulbs.

  1. Plumbing

Lastly, checking for any water leaking in your office’s kitchen and bathroom areas, and inspecting for any damaged equipment. When it comes to self-checking your plumbing, it is vital to understand the differences between residential and commercial pipes. Doing routine checks are important and professionals, like us, recommend an inspection every two years. With older properties, more frequent checks are advised and can save thousands in the long run.

Outdoor checklist

The exterior of your building is exposed to a lot more extreme weather conditions especially as the weather turns colder. The outside of your facility is exposed all kinds of different weather conditions which is why these 3 routine checks are critical to not only save you from bigger repairs but also protect your facility overall.

  1. Roofing

You don’t need to be a roofing expert to do some simple things to help keep your roof in tip-top shape. Remove any debris from the gutters, while this isn’t glamorous work it can save you tons in the long run. Next, identify any visible damage, corrosion, or cracks on the roof. Finding these types of damage before it gets too cold outside can prevent more issues that can lead to draining your pockets in repairs.

  1. Exterior Caulking

Caulking may seem like an overlooked way to improve outdoor appearances, but it can also help in saving money. In addition to cost savings, caulking also improves appearance and can keep pests out of your facility. If you want more information on the benefits of exterior caulking read our blog on The Benefits of Caulking.

  1. Power washing

Power washing not only can give your facility a good cleaning, but it can also disinfect your buildings, sidewalks, and parking lot. It’s not just about rinsing dirt off the side of your building or the sidewalk power washing, provides a deep and sanitized cleaning on your exterior.

Power washing can prevent damage, save you money, and boost your curb appeal. Not to mention that having cleaner facilities is always safer!

This checklist, while it may seem short, has long term benefits on your budget and your facility’s appearance and lifespan. These preventative care maintenance steps are top on our list for Fall so put them on yours and be ready for the cold Fall weather coming our way.

benefits of caulking

The Benefits of Caulking

Caulking is often an overlooked strategy for saving money and keeping your commercial building healthy, but this small task can provide innumerable benefits. If left untreated, poorly done or old caulking can degrade the integrity of your building and even cause health issues for tenants, employees, and customers. While seemingly small, the benefits of caulking can be easily realized. All you need is a commercial general contractor like Omni Facility Maintenance Services to perform proactive maintenance and keep your building in pristine care.

Saves Money

Having your commercial building professionally caulked can save money in several areas of your business. First, it can help prevent water from seeping in through the cracks and causing water damage or mold to your ceiling, doors, windows, and flooring. The cost of replacing these things and having mold remediation is far more expensive than paying for regular caulking and maintenance. Plus, if you have employees, you could lose money on potential sick days should they come into contact with any mold. Black mold especially can cause sick days as it can produce symptoms of dizziness, irritation, cough, and fatigue.

In addition to saving money by neglecting to allow water to come in and wreak havoc on the building’s structure, you save money on energy used for heating and cooling. By ensuring your windows and doors are properly sealed, you prevent the cool and hot air from seeping out, as well as preventing cool and hot air from seeping in. This prevents your HVAC system from working too hard and driving up energy costs. Between saving money on potential water damage and energy costs, having your building checked for leaks and opportunities for new caulking should be a no brainer. However, if you’re still not convinced, there are two more immense benefits of caulking.

Prevents Pests

Similar to preventing drafts of cool and hot air from entering the building, proper caulking can prevent pests from coming inside as well! Over time, caulking will deteriorate and lose elasticity, making it easier for bees, ants, beetles, spiders, and other bugs to make their way through the old, faulty caulking and into the building. This can concern employees, customers, and even tenants! To prevent pests from finding shelter inside no matter the season, make sure your caulking is properly filling the spaces between windows and doors. A professional team like Omni Facility Maintenance Services can check your caulking for you and determine if it’s time for a new application. In some ways, this could save you money, too, depending on the degree of infestation that occurs from faulty caulking letting pests inside and how long it goes unnoticed for.

Improves Appearance

Old, faulty caulking will crack and isn’t very appealing to the eye. While not that important compared to the other two benefits of caulking, your building’s curb appeal is still valuable for several reasons. First, if you ever wanted to sell, the building looks as if it has been taken care of which can raise its value. Second, your customers, tenants, and employees will notice. Nobody wants to shop, live, or work in a building that is falling apart, molding, wet, or riddled with pests. With caulking, you can prevent these unsightly issues from occurring and make those who are inside or simply walking by feel as if the building is well maintained and cared for.

The benefits of caulking your commercial building are numerous and not limited to those listed here. While the biggest savings may be your pocketbook, also consider how being inside the building affects others and if they are taken into account when providing routine and preventative maintenance for your commercial building. In the long run, preventative maintenance is guaranteed to save you money. Just hire Chicagoland’s preferred general contractor, Omni Facility Maintenance Services, and we will take care of the rest.

carpet cleaning

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Replacing flooring can be expensive, so protecting your investment is a great proactive approach to keep it safe and clean for years to come. This is especially true for your carpet as it can easily become matted, ripped up, and dirty. Because carpet is made of fibrous materials, it easily traps dirt, dust, and dust mites. Your employees and tenants who have allergies will be extremely grateful for regular carpet cleanings as deep carpet cleanings will remove allergens and improve risks associated with asthma and allergies. Omni Facility Maintenance Services now offers carpet cleaning as a service for our clients.

The Benefits

The benefits of having your carpets cleaned regularly are innumerable, and most experts agree that having your carpets deep cleaned twice a year can make them last for 5 – 15 years per install. Cleaning them regularly keeps them looking great for business, including all your employees, tenants, and customers. Plus, it removes allergens from the fibers to keep everyone breathing easier and safer. When soil is regularly deep cleaned out of the carpet fibers, it reduces the damage of consistent foot traffic (like fraying and matting). Even though soil can be difficult to see with the naked eye and the carpet might look clean, the truth is that tiny little pieces of sand and grit are sitting on the surface and getting sifted down to below the fibers. All this dirt and grime can make the floors dull and exacerbate allergies.

The Process

When you hire Omni Facility Maintenance Services to deep clean your carpets, our first step is to carefully evaluate the current flooring and determine the best and most efficient way to clean it. Once this is determined, we start by removing any soils, oils, and stains that may be difficult to remove or require individual attention. To remove these before the deep clean, we use a pre-wash solution that is designed for the specific fibers of your carpet. Then, we use an appropriate agitation method that will help the solution in separating the soil from the fibers. After this sits for the appropriate amount of time, we begin the process of carpet cleaning that is appropriate for the fibers. This could be a very low moisture (VLM) method or a hot water extraction (HWE) method to remove the soil solution, dirt, and grime from deep within the fibers. If a client is looking for additional durability and stain resistance, we will add either a protector, coating, or sealant that will help the surface resist new staining. These protectors make it much easier to clean the carpets next time around.

Working with Omni Facility Maintenance Services as your carpet cleaner can ensure your floors are kept clean on a proactive schedule. We believe in the integrity of our services and desire to build long, trustworthy relationships with our clients. In addition to carpet cleaning services, we can also clean and touch up other types of flooring to ensure your entire business is kept glowing. We can clean and refinish tile, grout, hardwood, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, stone, marble, and even rubber surfaces. You can trust Omni Facility Maintenance to be your trusted partner in all things facility maintenance.


The Importance of Commercial Property Inspections

Do you understand the importance of receiving regular commercial property inspections? These inspections are meant to help your people and property remain safe, as well as saving you money and helping you plan. Omni Facility Maintenance Services has served the Chicagoland area for over 30 years, providing an extensive list of commercial services including property inspections. We thoroughly check your building’s roof, plumbing, foundation, structure, ventilation, siding, exit signs, windows, and more to ensure everything remains safe and stable to prevent future costs associated with break-fix work or lawsuits.

Keep People and Property Safe

When you own a building, keeping the property safe so the people inside remain protected is imperative to responsible ownership. Setting up regular commercial property inspections will keep your building up to date with all local and state codes. Should anything happen on your property due to a code violation, hazardous area, or anything that can be construed as the building’s fault, a lawsuit may become a reality. Investing in property inspections now is a small expense compared to those a lawsuit due to injury can cause. Plus, keeping up with your property now can prevent high maintenance costs in the future.

Prevent High Maintenance Costs

Scheduling a commercial property inspection allows you to review data about the health of your building from professionals. This allows you to make informed decisions about pieces of your property that need to be fixed or replaced now which can save money down the road. For example, if there is an issue with plumbing, fixing it sooner rather than when a pipe leaks and causes a flood inside the building is much safer, faster, and will save money. One of the best things about partnering with Omni Facility Maintenance is that we provide proactive facility maintenance to help our clients save money. We are also open 24/7/365 should any emergencies occur at your location.

Plan for Expansion or Renovation

Making mindful decisions about your property doesn’t solely mean scheduling work when it’s needed before it breaks; it also means knowing when to plan for expansion or renovation. When business owners feel they can make informed decisions about their property, they tend to make sound decisions due to the stress and anxiety of the unknown being reduced. Commercial property inspections help those who are untrained in facility maintenance understand what is needed to keep their business stay healthy for the longer term.

Before someone gets hurt or something on your property breaks, schedule your commercial property inspection with Omni Facility Maintenance Services. We will save you time, money, and the emotional toll of dealing with a catastrophe by ensuring everything is in working order. Our team has been working in the Chicagoland area for over 30 years, offering 24/7/365 facility maintenance care to all who need immediate assistance. But don’t let it get to that point! Schedule your commercial property inspection today to stay ahead.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Facility

When it’s time to repaint the interior of your facility or give your new build its first coat of fresh paint, choosing the right paint brand and color can seem daunting. With so many options on the market, Omni Facility Maintenance Services is your trusted facility maintenance partner. We can help you navigate all your available options; this means helping you decide what colors would be best for the mood you want to create and which paint brand will be best to keep you in budget.

There are several benefits to choosing the right paint for your facility, including controlling how those inside feel, creating a proper brand image, and increasing indoor air quality.

The Psychology of Color

While it may not seem like much, the color you choose to paint inside your facility will have a dramatic effect on those who work, live, and shop inside. This is due to how the mind perceives certain colors. Therefore, you won’t want to paint the inside of your yoga studio with warm colors like yellows, reds, and oranges. Conversely, you wouldn’t want to paint the inside of your CrossFit gym with cool colors like blues, purples, and pinks. Matching your facility’s interior paint color to the experience you want those inside to have is imperative.

If you have a tenant space, you will want to choose something neutral and non-controversial. These spaces will lean towards the lighter end of spectrum, perhaps with a cool-toned or warm-toned white or cream. Leaning cool-toned will provide a calmer feel while leaning warm-toned will provide more energy. If you are painting an office space, you will want to consider the type of work that will be done inside. Green is an excellent color to boost productivity and provide a calm environment, while blue is known to increase concentration. As a general rule, warmer colors provide energy and motivation, but should be used sparingly the more saturated they get (reds) because more saturation and surface area covered can lead to hunger and aggression. Cooler colors generally provide a calm and mellow space.

Solidify Brand Image

Choosing the right paint for your facility is imperative to upholding your company’s brand. How you paint and the colors you choose should align with your brand, which means you need to think ahead to how you want people to feel about your brand and choose colors that will create that feeling within them. If your brand is forward thinking and energetic, you might decide on a few different paint colors, perhaps even having a mural painted on one wall. If your brand is down to earth and mellow, you might decide to do a minimal paint job and supplement the design with plants or art. Painting the inside of your facility gives you the ability to create an experience for anyone who enters, so be mindful to create an appropriate experience that aligns with your brand.

Increase Indoor Air Quality

Painting may seem like a minor task, but did you know there is paint on the market that can actually make the interior of your building healthier? If it’s in your budget, Activa Coating is the top photocatalytic paint for facilities. This paint should be strongly considered because of the many benefits the photocatalytic process provides. Photocatalysis is the process by which natural or artificial light hits the painted surface where it immediately begins “cleaning.” Activa Coating helps to clean not only the surface on which it is painted of dirt and grime buildup, but it also helps clean the air that passes by it. This process removes harmful contaminants and compounds by decomposing them through oxidation. Therefore, by painting the interior of your facility with Activa Coating, you can help keep the air and surfaces cleaner for those inside. This can reduce sick building syndrome, the spread of illnesses, and make the air cleaner for those that are high risk to pollution (allergies, asthma, children, and the elderly).

Choosing the right paint for your facility can take time and patience as you create an experience for those inside. Your trusted facility maintenance partner, Omni Facility Maintenance Services is available to discuss paint options and colors that will fit within your budget and timeframe. If you are interested in protecting your facility with Activa Coating, contact us today! We are your go-to partner for anything facility maintenance.

Check out our services page to learn more about how we can help care for your entire commercial property. Don’t see something listed? Give us a call and we can help connect you with a reputable partner in the area. With Omni Facility Maintenance, you never have to worry about the health of your commercial facility. Partner with us today!