One of the great things about Omni Facility Maintenance is our ability to provide a robust range of services to our clients. One of the services being power washing and sanitizing. Keeping your business clean for your clients, customers, or tenants is like making an investment in your wellbeing. If you take care of your people, they will take care of you. During COVID-19, this means providing clean and sanitized areas.

We’ve offered superior power washing services for our clients since 1985, using only the industry’s best state-of-the-art equipment. To help our clients alleviate their sanitizing needs during COVID-19, we are offering special pricing on our grocery/shopping cart and drive-thru power washing services. Keeping these areas sanitized is imperative, especially in today’s world.

Grocery/Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are one of the dirtiest public surfaces. In a study done in 2012 by the University of Arizona, they found that most shopping carts harbor more bacteria than public restrooms, including toilet seats and flush handles. When researching to find how much bacteria shopping cart handles harbor, we found numbers ranging from 8,000 colonies per square inch to 138,000 colonies per square inch. To put that in perspective, most toilet flush handles only harbor roughly 30 colonies per square inch. Don’t believe us? Here’s another study done by ReuseThisBag.

Protecting against the spread of diseases like COVID-19, e coli, salmonella, and more is part of owning your business. Not only do you protect your community and customers, but you protect your team too. We want to be your partner in the fight against the spread of diseases, which is why, in light of COVID-19, we are offering special pricing on our shopping cart power washing/disinfecting services. Until May 31st, you can have thirty carts sanitized for $99 (originally $149).

We can come to your business and sanitize your carts once you are closed, so we won’t disrupt your business hours. We also use a biodegradable, EPA and FDA approved sanitizer. Our sanitizer, Max-Quat Super Concentrate 10% Sanitizer, is USDA food-grade approved by the FDA and is an approved EPA disinfectant for use against SARD-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) and more. Once we are done, we will be sure to dry each cart with a blower so they won’t rust.


Fast food, banks, and pharmacies are all considered essential businesses during Illinois’s stay-in-place order from Gov. J. B. Pritzker. This means that drive-thrus are open and people will either be working at them or visiting them daily. While there are precautions your customers can take to help protect themselves while they are using your drive-thru, there are measures you can take to protect them and your team even further.

We can power wash your whole drive-thru area, sanitizing the concrete, asphalt, windows, and window frames. We will also wipe down any high-touch areas, like ATMs, with disinfectant wet cloths. All our work will be performed at night, so we won’t disrupt your business or customers. We also use the same Max-Quat Super Concentrate for these sanitizing projects, so you can rest assured that if your drive-thru is food related it will be safe. Our special pricing for this service is $149 per lane (normally $400 per lane) and is valid until May 31st.


We want to help our clients keep their spaces clean and sanitized. We know how many people you service every single day and we want to be your partner to protect them. We can power wash and sanitize just about any area you have. From sidewalks to walls to parking lots, we have you protected. Omni Facility Maintenance believes that the best way to approach facility maintenance issues is by being proactive, so call and schedule your sanitizing services today! If you schedule these services before May 31st to be performed after May 31st, we will honor our special pricing. Don’t wait, call today: 1-877-863-4948

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