Sooner rather than later it will be winter again, that means a few things. Temperatures are dropping, snowfall will be increasing along with ice and power outages will be on the rise. Winter is undoubtedly a dreadful time especially for facility managers as it comes with many challenges. You might be wondering how can snow and colder temperatures can impact your facility and its power systems?  Well, the snow and ice can cause building leaks that can seep into electrical conduits causing even further hazard. We want to help you winterize your facility and avoid any hazardous and inconvenient damages to your facility.

Facility Inspections

The winterization of your facility is a process and the first step ensures that your building is prepared for winter at all, property inspections. A commercial property inspection is meant not only to keep people safe but your building as well. Having a property inspection can reduce energy and costs. This task will also help determine which tasks need to be taken care of to properly winterize your facility to keep things running smoothly throughout the winter months. To properly begin the winterizing, process a property inspection is essential to begin the process.

It is even an option schedule your property inspection with Omni Facility Maintenance Services. We can help save you time, money, and the physical toll of dealing with conducting a property inspection on your own. 

Inspect Roofs and Clean Out Gutters

After property inspections have been made or scheduled with us, start from the outside. The outside of your facility is not only your first impression but will endure the weather conditions on the frontlines. Make sure to remove any debris that can be on the roof and clean gutters of any leaves or obstruction before any snowfall. Any build-up will prevent rainwater from draining properly, which could cause water damage when temperatures drop to below freezing. You also want to inspect your roof for any signs of damage, this is essential in making sure your property is ready for winter. Check for missing shingles, lose or any other problems that could lead to leaks in your building. You should replace or patch any visible damage before winter arrives.

Clean and Change HVAC Filters

This step ensures air circulation in your space is clean and free from contaminants like dust. HVAC filters should be a regular preventative maintenance task preformed 2-4 times a year, ensuring your HVAC system ready to endure winter conditions. Not only should filters be changed but an inspection for any broken or damaged parts that cause your HVAC system to be replaced before winter.

Comfort for Employees and Customers

Lastly, the best practice to winterize your facility is to be prepared! Our Fall Preventative Maintenance Checklist is also a good place to start in being prepared and keeping your facility ready for all occupants and making them comfortable. Maintaining comfortable indoor air quality during cold weather is also necessary. Make sure your heating and cooling system are in good condition before the start of winter. Everyone including your property can be ready for winter!