Omni Facility Maintenance Services now offers our clients in the printing industry chill water and heat recovery installation and service. Formerly Advantage Energy Group, our focus on these systems for the graphic arts and printing industries allows us to serve our clients’ whole facility with one company. Our team custom designs, installs, and maintains energy-efficient solutions to maximize your equipment’s life while lowering your cost of operation. If your facility uses chill water and heat recovery systems, this is how Omni Facility Maintenance can help you.

Chill Water Systems

Your printing facility uses chill water systems to ensure that the printing presses don’t get too hot while they are running. If they get too hot, they may print incorrectly or cease working altogether until they are cooler. This can cost the company time and money, which is what we want to help you avoid. That is why we now offer services to keep your chill water systems working in peak performance. In addition, we can also help you relocate your equipment, install new systems for new presses or new locations, replace inoperable equipment, and more.

Heat Recovery Systems

Your printing facility will also have heat recovery systems to dispose of excess heat inside your facility safely. These systems capture extra heat and use it as energy to process the cooling from your chill water systems or to heat your facility appropriately. We can provide these heat recovery systems and install them for you. These systems benefit you because they greatly reduce your facility’s costs, saving you money for more important things.

Working with Omni Facility Maintenance Services

When you partner with Omni Facility Maintenance Services, we can provide routine services on your chill water and heat recovery systems to ensure your facility operates at peak performance. We also service your zone controls, which is a precise temperature control system to keep your printing presses running at an optimal temperature by utilizing their chill and heat systems. Additionally, we are aware of all energy incentives and will actively pursue governmental rebates on your behalf. It pays to be energy efficient!

We are proponents of proactive facility maintenance because that means we can do our best to help our clients save money. Don’t wait to call us after something in your facility breaks; call us to discuss what preventative maintenance packages we can offer your company. We provide a long list of services for your facility, including inspection checks to ensure your building is compliant. If you’re interested in learning more about chill water and heat recovery systems, or any of our other services, contact us! We are happy to assist you.