It’s time to brace ourselves for extremely cold temperatures, snowfall, and ice. While winter can be dreadful, don’t let your facility bear the consequences. You can avoid many hazardous and inconvenient damages to your facility if you utilize the tips below.

Look for Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors

It may not be the first thing you think about but, check all your windows and door for any air leaks! First, do a visual inspection, look at all exterior corners do you see any gaps? During this inspection you also want to check for any cracks in corners of all doors and windows, if you can see daylight around a door or window frame that usually means you have air leaks. You can reseal these leaks by caulking them. You may also want to consider replacing any windows or doors with newer, high-performing options before the weather takes a turn.

Salting Around Your Facility for Snow and Ice Removal

Ice in extreme cold is not only possible but expected. Make sure your employees and customers can safely walk in and out of your facility by applying salt to sidewalks and near entryways. Make sure you apply the ice melt safely and correctly, using either a hand sifter or cup to distribute a thin and even layer of salt. Despite the common practice of heavily salting, you do not need a thick layer of salt to achieve your desired results. You will, however, also want to be sure to wear gloves while distributing the salt, especially if you decide to spread with your hands.

Also, it is important to be aware that not all ice melt salt is the same. Read packaging before applying, as some products may work better during certain temperatures than others. While an area may appear to be “fine” one moment, any condensation will freeze immediately in cold conditions, so make sure you use the correct product for different temperatures. And although salt may seem like a big mess to clean once winter is over, we are at your service to help with our power washing services! Protect your facility for the winter weather, and when spring arrives, we can wash away the memory of the cold.

Clean your Exterior of Snow

While this isn’t a fun task, it is a necessary one. Make sure to routinely remove snow from the exterior of your facility. Be sure that roof vents are kept clear and are not being covered with snow and ice because this will lead to improper ventilation and can lead to costly repairs if not regularly maintained.

It is also important to make sure that your roof properly drains water that gets collected from rainfall or melting snow and ice. Keeping your roof’s integrity during winter months is essential in your facility’s overall care. Removing snow from the roof with shovels and rakes into a deposit snow safe area on your property and cleaning ice and snow from gutters can aid in keeping your roof and exterior safe during winter.

For more tips and tricks read our blog Winterizing Your Facility, and contact us your facility handyman!

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