Starting off the year with a clean, safe, and improved facility that passes inspections can improve the overall functionality of your building and can boost the morale of your employees. Even something as simple as replacing your floor mats can bring new life into your building. Or, perhaps something big, like repainting the interior and exterior of your building, can show employees and customers/clients how much you care about your company. There are several ways to improve your building for the new year and make your business shine.

Property Inspections

Making sure that your building passes all codes and laws is vital to maintaining the safety of your employees, the integrity of your building, and the financial stability of your company. Hiring a professional who knows exactly what to look for to inspect your property is the best way to complete a thorough inspection. We at Omni Facility Maintenance provide professional property inspection services and can make sure that your building is safe, code compliant, and ready for the new year. Our inspections include, but are not limited to, checking lighting and exit signs, identifying maintenance opportunities, and documenting code violations with suggestions to fix them.


There are many ways to improve the interior of your building, but one of the best options is to hire a team to deep clean. Deep cleaning your building before the new year will give your building the fresh start it deserves. Cleaning your floors, windows, doors, walls, bathrooms, kitchen, and offices can make the building cleaner and safer for your employees and clients/customers. This will boost overall morale and help protect from harmful dust and germs. That being said, there is a lot more that comes with improving the interior of your building. Make sure that your heater or boiler is clean and in working condition (this can be identified during the property inspection!). Also, replace your vent filters to provide everyone with good quality air.


Starting off the new year with a roof leak or even a cave-in due to a faulty roof wouldn’t be ideal. Making sure that a professional staff checks out the exterior of your building can prevent many issues from arising in the upcoming year. Be sure to do this before the first snowfall! It is also important to plow your parking lot and lay down salt. You don’t want employees or customers/clients getting stuck, let alone injured. Additionally, cleaning the exterior of your building with power washing can have many of the same benefits as cleaning the interior. Even if it’s as simple as assigning an outdoor cleanup crew responsible for picking up trash and ensuring the outside is spic and span, making your building look clean and presentable will make customers/clients and employees happy.


Overall, we all want to start off the year in the best possible way. Making sure that your building passes all inspections and codes will help employees feel more comfortable with their work (not to mention all the money you’ll save from not having to pay code violation fines). Also, having a clean and presentable building will not only improve the morale of your employees but also drive in new business. Taking care of your building increases profits. Whether it’s hiring a professional staff like Omni Facility Maintenance to take care of your facility maintenance, or simply assigning people to clean, there are many ways to improve your building for the new year.

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