carpet cleaning

Replacing flooring can be expensive, so protecting your investment is a great proactive approach to keep it safe and clean for years to come. This is especially true for your carpet as it can easily become matted, ripped up, and dirty. Because carpet is made of fibrous materials, it easily traps dirt, dust, and dust mites. Your employees and tenants who have allergies will be extremely grateful for regular carpet cleanings as deep carpet cleanings will remove allergens and improve risks associated with asthma and allergies. Omni Facility Maintenance Services now offers carpet cleaning as a service for our clients.

The Benefits

The benefits of having your carpets cleaned regularly are innumerable, and most experts agree that having your carpets deep cleaned twice a year can make them last for 5 – 15 years per install. Cleaning them regularly keeps them looking great for business, including all your employees, tenants, and customers. Plus, it removes allergens from the fibers to keep everyone breathing easier and safer. When soil is regularly deep cleaned out of the carpet fibers, it reduces the damage of consistent foot traffic (like fraying and matting). Even though soil can be difficult to see with the naked eye and the carpet might look clean, the truth is that tiny little pieces of sand and grit are sitting on the surface and getting sifted down to below the fibers. All this dirt and grime can make the floors dull and exacerbate allergies.

The Process

When you hire Omni Facility Maintenance Services to deep clean your carpets, our first step is to carefully evaluate the current flooring and determine the best and most efficient way to clean it. Once this is determined, we start by removing any soils, oils, and stains that may be difficult to remove or require individual attention. To remove these before the deep clean, we use a pre-wash solution that is designed for the specific fibers of your carpet. Then, we use an appropriate agitation method that will help the solution in separating the soil from the fibers. After this sits for the appropriate amount of time, we begin the process of carpet cleaning that is appropriate for the fibers. This could be a very low moisture (VLM) method or a hot water extraction (HWE) method to remove the soil solution, dirt, and grime from deep within the fibers. If a client is looking for additional durability and stain resistance, we will add either a protector, coating, or sealant that will help the surface resist new staining. These protectors make it much easier to clean the carpets next time around.

Working with Omni Facility Maintenance Services as your carpet cleaner can ensure your floors are kept clean on a proactive schedule. We believe in the integrity of our services and desire to build long, trustworthy relationships with our clients. In addition to carpet cleaning services, we can also clean and touch up other types of flooring to ensure your entire business is kept glowing. We can clean and refinish tile, grout, hardwood, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, stone, marble, and even rubber surfaces. You can trust Omni Facility Maintenance to be your trusted partner in all things facility maintenance.


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