Omni Facility Maintenance Services knows that in order to keep equipment running safely, smoothly, and productively, you need to perform proactive facility maintenance. With more organizations going back into the office, many rely on their team to keep up with facility maintenance tasks, which can be dangerous for team members. Additionally, many business owners tend to wait for damage to occur to call for help from a facility maintenance team. Is this in the best interest of your facility? NO! Deferred maintenance can end up wasting employee’s time and thousands of dollars. For this month’s blog, we will be diving further into the dangers of deferred maintenance and how proactive facility maintenance, or preventative maintenance, can provide many benefits to your employees and organization.

Safety Hazards

When maintenance is deferred until the last minute, employee’s safety can be compromised. Dysfunctional equipment can sometimes lead to physical harm of your employees and ultimately cause extensive downtime. All aspects of this situation can be extremely expensive to handle.  The cost of handling an injured employee, extensive downtime, and broken equipment is significantly more expensive than routine preventative maintenance.

Health Risks

Broken or inefficient equipment can also lead to a variety of indirect health risks. Considering that employee health is a top priority in many organizations, this can be very scary. Improper maintenance and cleaning can lead to a buildup of dust, mold, and mildew. This can also lead to a decrease in air quality, making it an unsafe working environment for your employees. With preventative maintenance and regular cleanings, many of these health risks can be avoided.

Compliance Issues

Deferred maintenance can also lead to a variety of fines for failing to comply with safety standards. Over the last 20 years, many organizations have had to take safety more seriously due to an increase in codes and regulations. That said, if your organization is caught violating these safety regulations, you could be facing expensive fines or worse. Proactive facility maintenance eliminates this threat by ensuring employee and equipment safety. Regular property inspection by a team like Omni Facility Maintenance is the best way to keep your facility up to code and running correctly.

Costly Emergency Repair

The cost of repairing broken equipment or making repairs to your building which equipment can severely damage is much more expensive than preventative maintenance. When compared to the cost of new equipment or repairing flooring, ceiling, dry wall, bathrooms, plumbing, and more, preventative maintenance is pennies on the dollar. This doesn’t include the expenses of long-term production downtime. When your equipment is broken, you have to add up the costs of new equipment, maintenance, and downtime. So, which do you think is easier? Replacing or repairing your equipment and facility, or scheduling proactive facility maintenance?


Many facility managers know the importance of proactive maintenance but fail to partner with a facility maintenance company to perform this routine task. As discussed, there are a variety of issues that come with deferred maintenance, ranging from health concerns to costly repair/downtime. In order to ensure that your facility is productive and healthy for employees, facility managers should be practicing proactive facility maintenance. Start saving time and money by keeping up with your facility’s needs. Remember, one of the best ways to perform preventative maintenance is to partner with a professional team like Omni Facility Maintenance. Not only will this keep your equipment healthy, but it will also keep you up to date on codes and regulations.