With the change of seasons, now is a great time to prepare your facility for summer. Just like many other aspects of your business, your facilities require constant care. Making sure that your building is ready to handle the heat and humidity of the summer will ensure that long term damage is avoided. Additionally, staying on top of season changes and fixing past issues will ultimately save you and your business money. Check out these four great services to help get your facility ready for anything that summer has to offer.

Property Inspection

The best way to start any season change is with a professional property inspection. Hiring a professional to inspect your property for any damages or regulation changes in equipment is a great investment. Omni Facility Maintenance Services can perform general and preventative maintenance inspections, due diligence walk-throughs, exit signs, code violations, and more. Start the summer feeling good knowing that your facility has been thoroughly inspected.

Interior & Exterior Caulking

Facility Windows & Doors

Sealing off the tiny gaps in your windows and doors is the best way to ensure that your conditioned air does not escape. When facilities are not well insulated, it can cause the air conditioner to perform poorly, ultimately costing your business more money each month. Sealing these cracks before summer will ensure that everyone stays cool and that your business is not losing money.


Oftentimes the walkways of facilities are overlooked, but these can be a contributing factor to your business’s curb appeal. Sealing the cracks on your walkway will help keep water out and protect from future erosion. Make sure you reach out to our team at Omni Facility Maintenance to help seal all aspects of your facility, getting it prepared for summer heat and storms.


The last thing you want for your business is to start off the summer with a plumbing issue. Whether it is the need for new equipment, repairing a leak, or cleaning out a clogged drain, your facility will benefit from taking care of your plumbing sooner rather than later. Taking care of these issues will make your business more cost effective. Remember that Omni Facility Maintenance provides the highest-quality commercial plumbing expertise for your business needs this summer!


Your business cannot afford to wait on electrical issues, regardless of the season! There are many issues that can arise over time, ranging from wire and outlet issues to surge protection issues. Most businesses heavily rely on their electrical systems, and it can be extremely costly to replace at the last minute. Start off any season the right way by having a professional from Omni Facility Maintenance inspect your electrical systems.


Overall, owning and maintaining any facility can be a huge task. Just like every aspect of your business, your facility needs to be well kept on a regular basis. With the harsh heat and storms of the Chicago summer coming soon, now is the best time to prepare your facility for summer! Not only will this ensure an issue free summer, but it will also save your business money. Make sure you reach out to our team at Omni Facility Maintenance for all of your seasonal change needs. If you have any questions about our other services, check out our services on our website.