power washing your business

Looking for a quick and easy way to drastically improve your business’s curb appeal? A power washing session could be what you’re looking for. With several benefits ranging from sanitation to an overall better-looking business, power washing is the best solution for anyone looking to enhance their business without renovation. Transforming your business with a power washing clean is one of the best ways to drive in new business and boost staff’s morale. When it comes to dirty jobs like this, not many products come close to the effectiveness of Omni Facility Maintenance Services’ truck mounted 3200 psi hot water pressure washer. If you decide power washing is right for your business, make sure to contact us!

Power Washing for Sanitation

The first and perhaps most important benefit of power washing your business is sanitation. Deadly diseases have the potential to stick to the exterior of your business if not properly cleaned regularly, as San Diego learned in 2017 during a Hepatitis A outbreak. San Diego’s homeless population and community were severely affected by the lack of sanitation and power washing of businesses. No matter if you are part of a shopping mall or a standalone business, make sure that your building’s exterior isn’t putting you, your employees, or your community at risk. We at Omni Facility Maintenance can protect your business and community by sanitizing your building, parking lot, sidewalks, dumpsters, shopping carts, and more.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

The second and more obvious benefit of power washing your business is to improve the overall curb appeal. Throughout the winter, your business can have an excess buildup of ice, salt, and just overall grime. This buildup will continue to increase until it starts to affect the structural integrity of your business. This can be extremely costly as your walls, sidewalks, and parking lots begin to erode. Erosion is negative for your curb appeal! Having an unappealing business building can drive away customers. Visual first impressions are everything, and many businesses could be losing customers due to the aesthetics of a building. Omni Facility Maintenance’s power washing service will not only save you money down the road, but it could potentially bring in more business than before. Make sure to contact us if this sounds right for your business.

Improve Your Business’s Value

The last benefit of power washing your business is to improve the value. If you are planning on selling your building, it’s a great idea to have it power washed before showing. Making your property shine before selling could be the deciding factor in landing the sale and receiving your asking price. Regular power washing is what we at Omni Facility Maintenance recommend in order to keep your business value as high as possible. Our professional cleaning teams can do the job!


Overall, there are many benefits that come with power washing your business. These benefits include sanitizing your business from harmful diseases, increasing curb appeal, preventing damage, and improving overall property value. We believe that with regular power washing sessions you will begin to see your business thrive more than ever. Remember that Omni Facility Maintenance wants to make your building look its best. We offer many cleaning services including, hot water pressure washing and sanitation. Don’t wait, make your appointment with us today!

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