When it comes to your employee’s productivity and wellbeing, the environment they work in has a tremendous influence. When your employees are comfortable and working efficiently in the office, they will not only work better as a team but also individually. Many offices are currently old and outdated. With new technology, these offices can potentially create unneeded obstacles for your employees, ultimately slowing down the productivity of your entire team. The best way to fix this problem is by upgrading to a smart office!

What Is A Smart Office?

Before we can dive into the many aspects of a smart office, we must first understand what a smart office really is. A smart office uses technology to benefit employees all over the office. By removing unneeded obstacles, adding helpful technology, and creating more time for employees, a smart office helps everyone work more productively and efficiently. Overall, a smart office is simply an upgrade of technology that keeps the infrastructure of your building and the productivity of your employees in mind. Now that we understand the basics of the smart office, let’s dive into how you can upgrade your office to be smart.

Upgrading to Smart

Smart Conference Room & Desks

Smart desks have the ability to boost employee’s creativity and productivity. A smart desk is able to gather and contain valuable information that employees can utilize. For example, a smart desk is able to improve the relationships with your co-workers by helping promote and boost internal communication among employees. This can be done by a variety of different file sharing, chatting, and collaborative tools. This makes internal communication so much easier!

Intelligent Lighting & Climate Control

Sometimes, different members will perform more efficiently in optimal climates with proficient lighting for their workspace. With a traditional office, you have to compromise and set one overall temperature and usually have no control over lighting. With a smart office, you can install a smart hub and you have the ability to accommodate everyone’s lighting and climate preferences! Contact Omni Facility Maintenance to discuss upgrading to intelligent lighting and climate control.

Scheduling Meetings

With a smart office, you are able to schedule meeting times and locations all electronically! This helps save employees time and it also makes sure that all of your office space is being utilized correctly. This can also be translated into a phone app, so that your employees can schedule meetings via their phone.

Smart Electrical Outlets

If you install a smart hub, chances are it can also connect to your electrical outlets if you install smart electrical sockets. Smart electrical outlets can be useful to your smart hub because they help regulate how much electricity is being used from the hub to the outlet and other devices. The smart hub controls the amount of electricity going to outlets that are on or off, conserving the energy of the off outlets for other devices. When you have Omni Facility Maintenance install your smart hub, lighting, and climate control, ask us about smart electrical outlets! They can help your whole system save energy and ultimately save you money.

Benefits of A Smart Office

Boost Collaboration

A smart office allows there to be a plethora of meeting spaces for your employees, whether this is a physical space or a virtual space. This makes it easier for employees to have unscheduled meetings whenever needed. If your company thrives off collaboration, this could be extremely beneficial to your team. Control meeting times, location, and who will attend will help you fully utilize your office space so that no one’s space or time is wasted.

Increase Productivity

Possibly one of the biggest reasons why companies choose to switch to a smart office is the boost in employee productivity. When you upgrade your equipment to make daily tasks easier, it will ultimately give your employees more time for important tasks by interrupting them less and allowing them to focus.

Save Money

As mentioned above, by installing a smart hub and utilizing technology in your building’s infrastructure, you can save money. Smart hubs help to regulate energy use, which saves you money on electricity and potentially on gas as well. While installing the equipment does cost money upfront, these installations can save you hundreds each year.


Overall, there are many benefits that come with upgrading your old office to a smart office. With the ability to boost employee’s creativity and productivity, and save everyone time and you money, why wouldn’t you switch? Remember that upgrading your office doesn’t have to happen immediately or all at once; it can be done gradually and over time. Also, accomplishing a job like this is no easy task. We at Omni Facility Maintenance can help you with your smart office renovations and more! Make sure to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns.

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