Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

In recent years, the EPA’s Science Advisory Board has consistently ranked indoor air quality (IAQ) within the top five environmental risks to public health. These comparative studies have also found that indoor air can potentially be 2 – 5 times more toxic than outdoor air, sometimes even reaching upwards of 100 times more toxic. Poor IAQ can be one of the silent […]

Prepare Your Commercial Facility for Winter

Winter is coming to the Chicagoland area and it’s time for building managers to prepare their commercial properties. Ensuring your property is ready for winter will help protect your building and tenants. Without properly preparing your facility, the harsh Chicago winter can conjure steep repair bills should you have a pipe break due to freezing, a draft that causes your heat bill […]

The Case for Proactive Facility Maintenance

Omni Facility Maintenance Services knows that in order to keep equipment running safely, smoothly, and productively, you need to perform proactive facility maintenance. With more organizations going back into the office, many rely on their team to keep up with facility maintenance tasks, which can be dangerous for team members. Additionally, many business owners tend to wait for damage to occur to […]

4 Benefits of Outsourcing Facility Maintenance Services

There are many benefits that come with outsourcing your facility maintenance services. Some of which include reduced cost and risk, increased productivity, 24/7/365 care, and a large scope of services to take care of everything in your commercial building. For this month’s blog, we dive further into these benefits, explaining why many organizations are making the switch to outsourcing their facility maintenance […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Facilities Maintenance Partner

Partnering with a facility maintenance company can come with a variety of benefits. When it comes to your business, you need to focus on what you do best. Without a facility maintenance partner, you and your employees will have to take responsibility for your commercial building. Considering the time, money, and effort that goes into facility maintenance projects, wouldn’t you feel safer […]

Prepare Your Facility for Summer

With the change of seasons, now is a great time to prepare your facility for summer. Just like many other aspects of your business, your facilities require constant care. Making sure that your building is ready to handle the heat and humidity of the summer will ensure that long term damage is avoided. Additionally, staying on top of season changes and fixing […]

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Your business’s exterior appearance is one deciding factor on whether a client or customer wants to do business or purchase from you. It may also affect if they want to return to your business. The term “curb appeal” actually comes from residential real estate; better curb appeal equals a faster sale. First impressions are powerful, and this applies to your business daily. […]

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs

Making the switch to energy efficient light bulbs is something many businesses overlook when evaluating their electricity bill each month. There are several benefits that come with investing in energy efficient light bulbs, but most importantly it will save you money. For this month’s blog, we are going to explore energy efficient light bulbs and the benefits that can come from making […]

Making Your Office “Smart”

When it comes to your employee’s productivity and wellbeing, the environment they work in has a tremendous influence. When your employees are comfortable and working efficiently in the office, they will not only work better as a team but also individually. Many offices are currently old and outdated. With new technology, these offices can potentially create unneeded obstacles for your employees, ultimately […]

The Importance of Proactive Plumbing

When it comes to maintaining the internal integrity of the building, plumbing is often pushed aside or even forgotten about. Having a proactive plan for plumbing maintenance is important for not only the health of your building but also those who spend time inside it. Plumbing that is left unchecked can lead to further damages in the future that can typically be […]